☠ ITAI is an active PVP corporation with members online and active around the clock. ☠ We are active members in TNT alliance and members of the Clusterfuck Coalition ☠ Minimum SP requirement of 10m SP (negotiable depending on your SP allocation), SB and BC ready preferred. ☠ Offering access to large scale nullsec warfare and small gang 0.0/lowsec pvp and 0.0 space for ratting to feed your PVP habit. ☠ Easy access to highsec and access to a seeded 0.0 market and contract base. ☠ New player, you don’t need to worry about asking questions or asking for help, we will train you. ☠ Industry interested players are still welcome as long as you still actively participate in PVP. ☠ A microphone is required, as we as a corp are active socially on Teamspeak 3 in addition to be useful in small gang pvp. ☠ FULL Access API key is required to apply and must be maintained at that standard indefinitely.


I N E X T R E M I S does not believe in the conventional leadership structure, we consider every member of ITAI equal, from the moment you join corp.

Although we do have a bunch of members who make up what is considered 'leadership', in as much sense of the word.

industrial oblitorator

Founder & CEO


2IC / Director (AUTZ)

Kanah Hem

Director (AUTZ)

Della Glon

Director (USTZ)

Zeko Aldent

Director (EUTZ)

Triales Tre

Director (USTZ)

Komugi Koneko

Director (JPTZ)

Have a chat

Thinking about applying? Join our in-game channel 'oi oi oi' and talk to some of our members and ask to speak with a recruiter. Alternatively, connect to our discord server...

ITAI Teamspeak3