I N E X T R E M I S is NOT an open-invitation recruitment corporation, we do not accept unsolicited applications.

If you are interested in joining our corporation, or just want to know more about us,  join our in-game chat channel 'oi oi oi' and talk with some of our members and speak with a recruiter.

Upon your initial introduction, you will be required to connect to either our Teamspeak3 server or DISCORD and have a chat.

Our interview process is very informal and more about getting to know the person playing the game, rather than your character.


Our minimum requirements include;

  • No drama queens or douchbags
  • 10 million skillpoints. We do not recruit Alpha state clones.
  • Provide FULL API details
  • Provide Killboard link showing active PVP-ing
  • Connect to and be ACTIVE on all forms of communication; Teamspeak, DISCORD, LINE, Jabber, Mumble
  • PVP! You are expected to actively contribute to the killboards. 30 kills min per month. (It's not as hard as you think)
  • Be active within the corporation, from joining fleets to being social
  • Be self-sufficient. We do not recruit freeloaders



Members inactive for over a month, without notice, will be removed from corp but can re-apply upon return.






dandav7 Sotken

Have a chat

Thinking about applying? Join our in-game channel 'oi oi oi' and talk to some of our members and ask to speak with a recruiter. Alternatively, connect to our discord server...

ITAI Teamspeak3