Larrikinism is the name given to the Australian folk tradition of irreverence, mockery of authority and disregard for rigid norms of propriety.

What is required for an interview?

Be yourself. You are required to have a working microphone/headset and access to DISCORD. We want to get to know YOU and not your in-game character. Be prepared to answer some questions, tell us your life story and share some NSFW links.

Do I need an Omega subscription to join?

Yes. Having an Omega subscription shows you are serious about playing Eve. We expect all members to have an Omega subscription when applying, however if your subscription expires, there are many ships you can fly until you re-sub.

Are you only PVP or do you do other stuff?

ITAI is a PVP corp. We expect all members to contribute to the killboards and join fleets with their main character. Members can do whatever they like; mining, industry, PVE, but if there is a fight to be had, we expect you to drop your tools and grab your guns!

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing. Living in null-sec, we have access to a thriving market where all items can be found. All ships required for fleets can be found in contracts, and almost every item is available. Transport services are available if you can’t let go of your bling-fit Marauder.

Do I need to be on comms?

Yes! Being on comms (Discord/Teamspeak/Mumble) is an essential part of playing Eve Online. It now only allows us to be social and build a friendly environment, but we can also assist you and come to your rescue if needed.

What kind of ships do you fly?

All. Our corp is a rag-tag misfit of ships and fits, we fly what we can afford to loose, and most of the time it catches the enemy off-guard. We have specific fits for certain fleets, but that is NTK info.